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Michael Barr: Honestly what do you prefer nowadays, weed or wax?  

YVNGCOCOMSGRV: “Tough one.  No lie, at this very moment I’m all for the live resin

That’s my wave right now.  I got put on it a couple of months ago

in Colorado by my buddy and it changed the game for me.  Weed

will always have my heart, but I’m just not a fan of the process anymore .

I hate smelling like blunts/wraps and the ash is a messy situation.

Wax, even though it’s a little more pricey, it sends me off to never -never land

way faster and the taste is usually sensational.”

Michael Barr: “RIP To My Old Hoes” is a very suggestive title.  Any specific “Hoe?”

YVNGCOCOMSGRV: “I will say that there was one broad that legit sent me over the edge,

but during the process of writing the project I slowly found myself

talking about other situations with different hoes.   Can I also put it

out there that I’d never call a random girl a hoe.    There has to be certain

circumstances that make you earn that label. E.L.E.  (Everybody Love Everybody).”

Michael Barr: We all get our swagger/style from someone else.  Who influenced you in

your early years?

YVNGCOCOMSGRV: “Avril fucking Lavigne.  I copped my first tie in like 2002 and it was a wrap

from then on.  I started wearing whatever I wanted.”

Michael Barr: Favorite type of shoes?

YVNGCOCOMSGRV: “Adidas Ultra Boost, but I’m also a HUGE Reebok fan.”

Michael Barr: What is your sexual orientation?  What do you prefer?

YVNGCOCOMSGRV: “I got love for the shorties all day, but I’m not gonna rule myself out of

never, ever being with a guy.  That’s low-key insane for me.  I got my vices.”

Michael Barr: My favorite song is “Juice” off “RIP To My Old Hoes.”  Can you tell me about

the track and the process of how it was made?

YVNGCOCOMSGRV: “I really wanted an anthem for the project and to pretty much summarize

my lifestyle in a song.  I’m not about flexing what I don’t have.  Everything

stated in that song is 100% true facts.  The term “Juice” is just another word

for “sauce.”  Can’t fuck with you if you ain’t got the juice.”


Michael Barr: What part of Florida are you from?  Where do you reside now?

YVNGCOCOMSGRV: “I’m right outside Fort Lauderdale in a small town called Pembroke Pines.”

Michael Barr: Tell us about SFLC.  Who is involved?

YVNGCOCOMSGRV: “SFLC is South Florida Confidential.  Right now the roster is NAPHATALI,

TROTKIRKLAND and KENOBI.  We’ll hopefully be putting out a project

sometime by the end of this year.    Naphtali and I have a video out right

now called  “Hibachi.”  You can go ahead and check that one out.”

Michael Barr: Who are your favorite artists out right now?

YVNGCOCOMSGRV: “Kanye West, Robb Bank$.  I’m also still bumping Slime Season3 by Young

Thug.  The 1975 also fucking rules right now.”

Michael Barr: Where is your favorite spot to eat?

YVNGCOCOMSGRV: “Power Smoothie”

Michael Barr: Who is going to win the NBA Finals?

YVNGCOCOMSGRV: “I’m all into seeing Golden State double up.”

Michael Barr: Tell us what type of drugs you indulge in?

YVNGCOCOMSGRV: “Weed is my drug of choice.  If I’m getting loose I’d pop a molly.  I used to really go in on Xanax until they turned on me.  Fuck xans”.

Michael Barr: What’s in store in the future for you as an artist?   Can we expect a music video?

YVNGCOCOMSGRV: “You can expect a new project very, very soon, as well as visuals for about

3-5 tracks on “RIP To My Old Hoes.”



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