Low Key Noho

By January 10, 2016Event

Low Key was an amazing exhibit of social indifference, art and music. A loaded vehicle in which we were just passengers headed to a destination unknown. With all the noire’s and silver linings throughout the evening, a sense of belonging and “being in the right place at the right time” pretty much summed up the night. Everything from g.West christening the room with sweet sounds of golden era hip hop, to the smooth sailing visuals provided by Hidden Los Angeles, the high energy and stimulation was incredible.

With two rooms; one, having the “ Agenda-like-trade-show-convention” feel, exhibited an experience filled with only the best vibes to share with the friendly faces of entrepreneurs pushing their art in the form of fashion. The second room was a conglomerate of sounds and art. With Hip-hop filling the airwaves and oil on canvases, the flow was unequivocal. All in all, the event turn out was a huge success and we can all look forward to the next event by Black Bird in the near future.

Low_Key_Noho_Final_35G-West vibing at the strange booth.

Low_Key_Noho_Final_13Chris Velasquez of Hidden LA really defining the term “bringing art to life” with this visually serenading piece.

Low_Key_Noho_Final_39BEEF is one of the hardest people to track down with no social media, busy schedule, a strong presence with “the in crowd”, and ties to some heavy hitters he came and destroyed each JBL speaker.

Low_Key_Noho_Final_29Brett Herman finding inspiration while providing amazing visuals with each stroke, we were so fortunate to have such amazing talent displayed. Go check out Hidden LA in West Hills to interpret more of his art.

Low_Key_Noho_Final_57My brand STATUS OF MINE debuted what we have been working since summer making sure we connected with as many of you as we could at our booth.

Low_Key_Noho_Final_36STRANGE are a collective of individuals in their earlier twenties who I strongly have believed in since I have met them. Extremely passionate and innovated resonating through their professional presence, out shinning everyone else in the room for the night.

Low_Key_Noho_Final_94GYYPS hailing from Canoga, drove halfway back home to NoHo to destroy the stage and make a point to leave his mark and move on with his night to a house party deep in The Valley.



Low_Key_Noho_Final_62g.WEST holding down anything West of the 118 Freeway serenades the room while simultaneously infiltrating your mind making you question more then you wanted too during his thirty minutes without forgetting to introduce you to his Grandma



Low_Key_Noho_Final_89Stanley Vaughn and The8HatCompany was in the building taking on the role as the unofficial host keeping the vibe strong while I ran around with my head cut off trying to keep everything together at the same time trying to soak up the high energy performances from all of KROOKS

unnamed (2)


crimewaveCRIMEWAVE5150 made an appearance as well representing Long Beach in the upmost evil embodied lyrics giving you a glimpse into their day in and day out


Low_Key_Noho_Final_22Codey Doran’s visually captivating canvas was the perfect match for Low Key, sprinting in stride quicker away from the title “rookie” each day, Codey is one of the hardest working artists I know and has earned a home at Black Bird and Low Key







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